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Vehicle Loans

Competitive fixed-rate loans to get you back in the driver's seat.
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Fully Loaded Loans

Hit the road with the car of your dreams and a payment you can afford.

No Frill Financing

New and Used Vehicles

Affordable financing for new and used vehicles purchased from dealerships and private parties.

Flexible Terms

We offer loan terms up to 72 months depending on vehicle model year.

Account Payment Perks

Reduced rate with automatic payment from a FKCB checking account.

Competitive Rates

Loan ProductAPR1Monthly Payment2
New Auto
12 - 60 months6.60%$19.67
61 - 72 months6.85%$17.03
Used Auto (7 years and less)
12 - 48 months7.35%$24.18
49 - 60 months7.85%$20.27
Used Auto (8 - 10 years)
12 - 24 months9.10%$45.90
New Motorcycle
12 - 60 months8.35%$20.52
Used Motorcycle
12 - 48 months9.60%$25.27

1 APR = Annual Percentage Rate is accurate as of 7/11/2024 with auto payment from a FKCB checking account. Subject to change without notice.

2 Payment is per $1,000 based on maximum terms shown.

Subject to credit approval.

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Vehicle Loans. Loans that get you back on the road built just for you.

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