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Personal Loans

Whether it's a dream vacation or unplanned medical bills, our personal loans have your back.
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Low Rate Personal Loans

Avoid draining your savings or emergency fund with competitive fixed rates and affordable monthly payment plans.

Personal Loans for All Your Needs

Home Improvements

Build the walk-in closet of your dreams, light up your yard, or freshen up your kitchen.

Dream Vacation

Set sail on a Caribbean cruise, go wild on an African safari, or hula in Hawaii.

Consolidate Debt

Wrap up pesky credit card debt, outstanding medical bills, or higher rate loans.

Competitive Rates on Personal Loans

Loan ProductLoan AmountAPR1Monthly Payment2Term
Personal Unsecured$1,000 to $10,00012.00$22.3612 - 60 Months

1 APR = Annual Percentage Rate is accurate as of 7/9/2024 with auto payment from a FKCB checking account. Subject to change without notice.

2 Payment is per $1,000 based on maximum terms shown.

Subject to credit approval.

Additional Lending Options That Have You Covered


Personal Loans. Low-rate loans built just for you.

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