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Homeline - Our Home Equity Line of Credit

Tap into the equity of your home and let your home work for you.
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Continuous Credit

Sometimes you need a lifeline. Be prepared for life’s unexpected ups and downs with a revolving Homeline, our Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). 

Enjoy Greater Flexibility with a Homeline, our Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).

Adaptable to Your Needs

Monthly payments that fit your budget and draw what you need, as you need it.

Interest-Only Payments

During the draw period, you can make interest-only payments on the amount advanced.

Easy Payments

Make payments easily with auto deduction from one of our checking accounts.

Our Homeline, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Current Rate

Loan ProductDetails
Home Equity Line of Credit
Current APR1 is 8.25%, is variable based on Wall Street Journal Prime Rate minus .25%, and assumes payments are automatically deducted from your FKCB checking account. Maximum Rate 18%. Interest payments vary monthly as billed. Rate may change daily. Fees paid by borrower range from $470 - $680. $25 Annual Fee. Minimum Line: $10,000, Maximum Line: $150,000. Revolving 10-year draw period, then 10-year amortized repayment period.

1 APR = Annual Percentage Rate is accurate as of 6/21/2024 with auto payment from a FKCB checking account. Subject to change without notice.

Loan to value ratio must not exceed 80%. Homeowner’s Insurance is required on all Homelines.

Subject to credit approval. Property insurance required.

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Homeline. Flexible revolving credit built just for you.

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