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Check Fraud

The importance of reviewing your account(s) regularly.

Could YOU be a victim of check fraud??

Check fraud continues to be a popular means for criminals to exploit financial institutions and their customers. Check fraud can occur by several different means, but the most prevalent way in today’s world is through counterfeit checks or check alterations. How does this happen? The most recent and more likely method to continue occurring is through mailbox fishing. Mailbox fishing is where mail is stolen out of private and/or public mailboxes and it is occurring again locally. Once criminals have a copy of your check, they have all the information needed to create counterfeit checks or alter the information such as the payee line, the numeric amount box, and the written amount line.

What can you do to help detect check fraud early and help save thousands of dollars in losses? There are several ways you can help protect yourself from check fraud:

  • Keep your checks secure. Don’t leave them in your car or on a table at home. Always keep them in a safe location.
  • Fill out all empty spaces when writing checks and don’t leave room for alterations.
  • Balance your checkbook to your bank statement(s) each month.
  • Sign up for online banking, so you can check your balances and transactions on a daily basis.
  • Use checks sparingly. The more checks you write, the greater the chance of having one fall into the wrong hands.
  • Whenever possible, take mail inside the Post Office instead of using the outside drop boxes.
  • Sign up for and use a service such as Bill Pay to automate and pay your bills electronically.

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