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Play it safe this tax season with a Direct Deposit tax refund

With tax season right around the corner, financial institutions are offering suggestions for the fastest, safest, and most reliable way to receive your tax refund—direct deposit. It’s quick, secure, and free!

While the majority of taxpayers already use direct deposit for their refunds, the Internal Revenue Service is encouraging all taxpayers to play it safe and go the paperless route this year. It’s easier than you might think.

Enrolling for a direct deposit tax refund is easy!

To enroll for a direct deposit tax refund, simply choose it as your refund method on your electronic or paper return. You’ll need your checking or savings account number and your bank’s routing number. Your refund will be deposited directly into the account chosen without any additional fees.

Your First Keystone Community Bank (FKCB) account number consists of 10 digits that are located on the bottom of your check after the routing number. You can also find it on your online banking account, your mobile app, and your bank statement.

A routing number consists of nine digits that identifies the location of the bank where you opened your account. It can be found on the bottom left side of your check. Your local banking representative can also help you locate the routing number. For First Keystone Community Bank account customers, the routing number is 031307125, which is the same for all FKCB locations.

Consider splitting your direct deposit tax refund into multiple accounts.

Because your tax return can be the largest single check many people will receive, it’s the perfect time to start a savings account or increase the balance in your existing savings account. The IRS can deposit your tax return in several different ways, including:

  • Directly deposited into one checking or savings account
  • Directly deposited, or split, into one to three accounts
  • Used to buy a maximum of $5,000 in U.S. Savings Bonds
  • Received in a paper check.

Splitting your direct deposit tax refund is easy. You can do it electronically or with a paper return. It’s a quick, safe way to manage your money by depositing some of your refund into an account to use now and some to save for later. A tax professional can help you file for a split deposit. An account specialist at FKCB can answer questions about the best product for your refund.

Direct deposit is fast and easy!

Combining direct deposit with electronic filing, or e-filing, is the fastest way to receive your refund. Consider that the IRS issues the majority of refunds within a three-week period, making it impossible for a direct deposit electronic refund to be lost, stolen or destroyed.

Overall, direct deposit is the fastest, safest, easiest way to receive your tax refund and manage it to fit your needs. Call First Keystone Community Bank at 570-752-3671 to speak to an account representative today. For tax filing advice, consult a tax professional.

Written by Natalie Stackhouse

Natalie is the Controller and Vice President of the Accounting Department of First Keystone Community Bank.

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January 10, 2023

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