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How Money Smart Are You?

How Money Smart Are You? is a suite of 14 games and related resources covering everyday financial topics. It’s available in both English and Spanish. These games are based on the FDIC’s Money Smart financial education program which was created to enhance financial skills and create positive banking experiences. Through these games you can earn (virtual) coins, learn about common financial topics, and have fun!

To play the game, visit the FDIC website and choose which financial topic you would like to learn about. You can create an account to save your progress and earn certificates. When creating your account, make sure to select First Keystone Community Bank as your organization to share your certificates with us! During your account setup, select “Through an Organization” and use the display name FIRST KEYSTONE COMMUNITY BANK.

The 14 game topics are:

  • Borrowing Basics
  • Building your Financial Future
  • Buying a Home
  • Credit Reports and Scores
  • Disasters – Financial Preparation and Recovery
  • Making Housing Decisions
  • Managing Debt
  • Protecting Your Identity and Other Assets
  • Using Credit Cards
  • You Can Bank On It
  • Your Income and Expenses
  • Your Money Values and Influences
  • Your Savings
  • Your Spending and Saving Plan

Written by Teresa Sterner

Teresa is the Marketing Manager for First Keystone Community Bank. Her experience in Customer Service, Marketing and knowledge of our products and services allow her to share valuable information with our customers.

Posted On:

April 14, 2022

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