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Banking Outside the Branch Walls

As technologies advance and more people begin conducting their banking transactions online, the financial world as we know it looks completely different. These technological advances are also changing the way that our customers interact with First Keystone Community Bank. Our customers can now use online services to complete most of their day-to-day banking without ever leaving their home or office. Let’s take a closer look at how this is possible.

Online Banking with Bill Pay and e-Statements

Enrolling in online banking is one of the easiest ways to track your accounts and activity. Here’s just a few of the convenient transactions you can complete using our online services:

  • Monitor your account balance and daily transactions
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay your bills
  • Make a loan payment
  • View your e-Statements
  • Initiate a stop payment
  • Complete an address change
  • Reorder checks
  • Keep an eye out for fraudulent activity

The online banking service allows you to complete at least 75% of your daily transactions remotely, instead of visiting a branch. Think of all the time you can save by removing an additional stop on your daily or weekly errands.

Mobile Banking with debit card control capabilities and Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

Mobile banking is a convenient way to access your accounts from anywhere. Once you have enrolled in online banking and downloaded the FKCB banking app to your Smartphone, you can access your accounts from the palm of your hand. Through mobile banking you can access many of the same online banking features with the added value of controlling your debit card and depositing checks through remote deposit capture. It’s perfect for someone who is constantly on the move or travels a lot.

The mobile banking app allows you to control features of your debit card. For example, you can activate and deactivate access to the card in the event you misplace it. You can also apply location limits to control where your card is used or transaction amount limits to control how much you can spend in a typical purchase.  These features can help you safeguard your card against fraud as well as help you monitor your spending.

The Mobile Remote Deposit Capture service is designed for the person who can’t make it to the bank during business hours. Once you’ve enrolled and have been approved, you can use the camera on your Smartphone to deposit checks directly into your account anytime day or night.

Debit Cards

A First Keystone debit card provides you with direct access to the funds in your account and can be used at any ATM or for purchases at most merchants. Our Visa-branded debit cards include the added protection of an EMV security chip and 24-hour fraud monitoring. A debit card also provides the convenience of not carrying cash at all times.

Online Account Opening

If you wish to open a new account and just can’t find the time to visit a branch, FKCB offers online account opening for certain deposit accounts. Visit our website for details on the types of accounts that can be opened from the convenience of your home or office.

At First Keystone Community Bank, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the latest technologies and online services in order to simplify the banking process. If you have any questions about our online services, please reach out to us at 570-752-3671 or toll free at 888-759-2266. Share your favorite feature from our online services in the comment section below!

Written by Teresa Sterner

Teresa is the Marketing Manager for First Keystone Community Bank. Her experience in Customer Service, Marketing and knowledge of our products and services allow her to share valuable information with our customers.

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April 2, 2020

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