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A Look at Our Local Women in Banking

Considering that women first entered the financial services industry in the late 1800’s, but were only allowed to hold clerical positions, the banking industry has certainly evolved over the past 150 years. Compare that to the fact that currently in the United States, women make up more than half of the financial services workforce1. Women in banking are now an essential part of the financial landscape.

As we come to the end of National Women’s History Month, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the important role that women play inside our own front door at First Keystone Community Bank. We are proud of the women in banking that are part of our team and the significant roles they play within our company. Their contributions to the success of FKCB is an inspiration and their leadership skills impact the entire staff, from the teller line to the Board room.

As evidence of our commitment, look no further than the management team at First Keystone:

12 of our 23 Vice Presidents are women

17 of our 21 Assistant Vice Presidents are women

17 of our 18 community offices are run by female managers

And it starts at the top – we are the only local community bank with a female President and CEO, Elaine Woodland, as well as a female Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Diane Rosler.  Let’s take a minute to highlight the accomplishments and career paths of these two important women in banking.

Elaine Woodland, President and CEO

Elaine Woodland headshot
Elaine Woodland

As one of just thirteen banks in Pennsylvania with a female CEO, Elaine Woodland focuses on building relationships and opportunities with the next generation of women bankers. She has worked hard and has assumed several roles that no woman had held previously within the organization. And that has helped to make her a role model to her staff, peer banks, and the community.

This year marks Elaine’s fortieth year in serving the banking industry. She began her career as a teller at the former First National Bank of Berwick and quickly moved through the ranks to Assistant Branch Manager and Audit Control. As her career developed, she was promoted up through different job titles at local institutions, all the while gaining valuable experience.

In 2007, Elaine served as a Senior Vice President at Pocono Community Bank, prior to their merger with First Keystone Community Bank. In an interesting turn of events, the merger returned Elaine to the same bank where she began her career, only this time at the position of Executive Vice President and Director of Lending. She assumed the title of Executive Vice President in 2014 and served as the bank’s highly effective Chief Operating Officer.

In 2018, she shattered yet another glass ceiling when she became the first female President and CEO in the history of First Keystone Community Bank.

Throughout her career, few things have been as important to Elaine as education and she has successfully completed numerous banking schools and certificate programs along the way, including the Central Atlantic School of Commercial Lending, RMA Certified Lender Certificate, ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking with the Wharton School Leadership Certificate, and the PA Bankers Leadership Institute Graduate.  

In 2020, Elaine was awarded the PA Bankers Association’s “Patricia A. Husic Woman of Influence Award” which honors those leaders in the banking industry who promote and inspire women in the workplace to reach their full potential.

To sum it up, Elaine says, “The face of banking is ever changing and these changes open great opportunities for women in banking at every level. I strongly encourage women to seek careers in the field of banking.”

Diane Rosler, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Diane Rosler headshot
Diane Rosler

Diane Rosler has been with First Keystone Community Bank for over 30 years, having started as a Purchasing Agent within the Accounting Department. Fast forward to 2007 when she was selected as the first female to achieve the title of Assistant Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at First Keystone. She secured her current title of Senior Vice President and CFO in 2009.

High on Diane’s priority list are the topics of diversity and inclusion, especially when it comes to empowering women in banking. She’s a strong leader, both within the bank and the community. She leads by example and is a mentor to other women bankers who strive to advance within the organization. 

Diane has also completed many certificates and schools within the banking industry, including the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking with the Wharton School Leadership Certificate, PA Bankers Advanced School of Banking, and PA Bankers Leadership Institute Certificate.

If you are interested in a career in banking or would like to learn more about the employment opportunities currently available at First Keystone Community Bank, please check out our website or Facebook page. You may be a perfect fit for First Keystone Community Bank and we’d love to have you join the team!

1 “Quick Take: Women in Financial Services.” Catalyst, 29 June 2020,

Written by Teresa Sterner

Teresa is the Marketing Manager for First Keystone Community Bank. Her experience in Customer Service, Marketing and knowledge of our products and services allow her to share valuable information with our customers.

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March 31, 2021

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