Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)


Diversifying your accounts is the key to a well-rounded portfolio. Instead of putting all your money into the stock market, consider a few guaranteed investments.

Certificates of deposit earn at a fixed rate throughout the length of the term. We offer several different terms, so you can choose which best fits your financial situation. Lock in your rate and wait for your funds to increase — generally, longer terms yield higher rates of return.


  • Earn guaranteed returns at fixed rates
  • Grow money more quickly than savings accounts
  • Terms range from 91 days to 7 years
  • Choose your term, then lock in your rate
  • Longer terms yield higher returns
  • Penalty for early withdrawal
  • Minimum balance to open depends on term length, either $500 or $1,000

Now offering eCDs!

Skip a trip to the bank! Open a certificate of deposit online - at your convenience. Learn which terms are available and more by clicking on the eCD tab!


Effective May 11, 2018, new rules under the Bank Secrecy Act will aid the government in the fight against terrorism and other national security threats. EACH time a business account is opened, we are required to ask you for identifying information (name, address, date of birth, social security number, as well as identification documents) for each individual that has beneficial ownership (25% or more); and, one individual that has significant managerial control of the business.

  • Like regular CDs, eCDs offer guaranteed returns at fixed rates - but eCDs can be opened entirely online
  • Choose from 3 eCD term options:
  • 12 months
  • 36 months
  • 60 months
  • Minimum deposit required to open is $1,000
  • Maximum deposit allowed to open is $24,999.99
  • Funds may not be withdrawn within the first 90 days
  • Available for consumer accounts only
  • After you've opened your eCD, a receipt will be mailed to you, along with your signature card

Saving money should be simple - and with an eCD, it is. Open one today!

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