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Embracing a people-first culture

Banking is a profession that offers a wide variety of opportunities for those willing to accept the challenge. From customer service tellers to loan officers, the rewards of a career in the banking field can be boundless.

But in a post-pandemic world, banking, like almost everything, has found itself adjusting to a change in attitude, work ethic, and even culture. The results are a win for employees in this evolving and exciting career field.


In any industry, employee engagement is a key to longevity and retention and can increase the many rewards of a career in banking. This is especially true in the field of banking. Emphasis is now placed on employee-first activities like regular meetings and brainstorming sessions; training opportunities for all levels of banking; skill-sharing across all departments; and nurturing leadership potential.

“The banking industry has always been a people-oriented field with customer satisfaction being its priority,” said Cindy Laidacker, Vice-President, Human Resources Manager at First Keystone Community Bank. “But today’s banks are also recognizing the need for productive, fulfilled and healthy employees that will help the organization succeed for many years.”

Inviting a culture of learning and communication can increase productivity and satisfaction by allowing employees to explore new ways of thinking, thereby lowering absenteeism, raising loyalty and employee buy-in, and creating an overall healthier workplace.


Whether you’re just starting a career in banking or you’re looking for career change, the field of banking is brimming with positions beyond the lobby. It takes an entire team of professionals to run a successful financial institution and in return.

Tellers, customer service representatives, and branch managers are the front line of service for customers and the positions most readily identified with banking. They are responsible for day-to-day operations and maintaining relationships with their customers and communities.

The mortgage, lending and trust departments help customers meet their investment and lifestyle goals, and the lesser-known compliance and fraud departments ensure that the bank and its customers are following proper guidelines and behaviors.

Other departments such as accounting, marketing, information technology, and human resources are additional cogs in the banking wheel with responsibilities that keep the organization vibrant and running smoothly.

To summarize, banking can offer an array of job opportunities, both expected and unexpected.


The biggest advantage to a career in banking is your own possibility. You can choose the career path you’ve always envisioned. The advancement rate in banking is higher than most other industries, with a variety of departments and skill sets from which to choose.

Plus, the focus on new power skills like critical thinking, strategizing, problem-solving and presentation skills can help to future-proof your career and adapt to new technologies and digital “co-workers.”

If you are considering a career in banking, there are many opportunities and rewards in a career in banking. Check out a full description of positions on our blog page or find available opportunities at First Keystone Community Bank at or follow us on Facebook

If you have questions or would like additional information about available positions, please email [email protected].  We’d love to talk to you about joining the First Keystone team!

Written by Cindy Laidacker

Cindy is the Human Resources Manager at First Keystone Community Bank. She has a 12 year career in human resources.

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September 13, 2022

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